This week we're talking about keeping kids off social media in Utah, Jobs being impacted by AI, a scary graphic about climate change, Metallica is pressing their own vinyl, and the Wheel-e podcast!
Preparing outdoor tech for spring
This week we're talking about ChatGPT's cousin Claude, is your boss stressing you out?, Upway sells quality used e-bikes, The Breakfast Club newsletter…
A rant about antiquated corporate communication
This week we talk about AI dating, ChatGPT for teachers, Flammable e-bike batteries, RIP AM radio, and Shrinking!
As I approach two years of writing on Substack, I'm looking back
This week we're looking at robot security guards, edutainment content, Luvly little cars, what time is it on the moon?, and we're watching "You People"!
A revolution in transportation
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