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I agree that the lack of communication is a huge issue. I'm a bit surprised at this as any good CEO knows that it is the lack of communication that can destroy confidence. 100 is not huge, but why risk it if the company won't even be honest with potential customers and the public. I love the concept of mini-cars that are EV. It is surprising that Nimbus can't get enough funding to be one of the first in the U.S. First to market for this niche is huge. It is what gave Tesla the edge for so long (which is now slowly eroding). I would think, additionally, that there are some subsidies they could tap into right now. My $100 is waiting until more communication. Maybe use it for a reasonable bottle of scotch until then.

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I'm in the same boat, put in my deposit as well and still waiting. My wife and I are planning on retiring soon and wanted something affordable to scoot around the neighborhood to pick up groceries, etc. and getting rid of at least one of our automobiles. Just the savings in auto insurance yearly would cover the cost of leasing one, although we are planning on purchasing so we can add the additional amenities, like air conditioning since we live in Texas and it gets hot here in the summer.

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Your article is spot on. I also have put down my $100 in hopes of seeing this go to market, Since I live in Michigan, I do want to support Michigan based companies. I like the idea of an enclosed vehicle designed in Michigan where it has to deal with our weather. In our state it makes a difference if it has a steering wheel on three wheels. That is classed as an autocycle and only requires a standard driver's license. Handlebars would make it a motorcycle and require an endorsement. The only other similar type vehicle is the Polish made Triggo. But that is a rental only and not in the States. I just hope they buy a clue and start communicating. Even if just to say there is no news. This type of complete silence will make investors twitchy. In today's shipping environment, even if it costs more to manufacture in some place like Mexico, trucking them here would be cheaper than manufacturing in Asia and having to deal with rising shipping costs. Till then I ride my e-bike and deal with the mud.

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